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Since 1989, Brush Dance has been combining the work of independent artists with the wisdom of teachers, poets, and writers to create calendars and planners focused on mindfulness, compassion, and joy. Explore the art of conscious living with popular titles like A Fearless Woman, Mindful Living, and Live with Intention. Experience a daily moment of peace with Japanese Gardens, Jewel of the Lotus, and Pathways wall calendars. Set apart some time for self-reflection with the help of our elegant and practical planners. Brush Dance invites us to discover happiness for ourselves and the world around us.

At Brush Dance, we continue to explore the art of mindful living every day of the year. Join us!

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In our efforts to maintain the integrity of BrownTrout and our related brands, which include Brush Dance, Plato, Wyman, and ViewPoint, along with protecting the tremendous investment of our licensors, who entrust their globally recognized and respected properties to us as their custodians, we are enforcing standards on the distribution of our published products on worldwide online markets. Due to the global nature of ecommerce and the particularly unsafe environment created by certain websites for consumers, rife with fraudulent, low-quality, unofficial, bootlegged, copycat, and misleading products and information, we must restrict sales of our products on Amazon and its related channels. This change will not impact the ability of our customers to sell on their own online platforms, but it does forbid our customers from selling our products on any Amazon website, including their various domestic and international marketplaces. We make this change knowing that having multiple vendors for the same item on Amazon is detrimental to our brand and confusing for the public. Please check the links below, or click here for more details.



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