FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am a retailer. How can I contact BrownTrout to place an order?

If you live or operate within the US please visit our Retailer's Edge page and contact us by using the form or other contact information listed there.

International retailers can visit our Contact Information page for all of our international affiliates who would love to help you.

Q. Where can I send my comments and suggestions?

BrownTrout appreciates the many comments and suggestions we receive about our calendars and other product. You are welcome to address us at any time at editors@browntrout.com. All e-mail correspondence we receive will be reviewed by our staff, but please understand that we are unable to respond to each and every message.

Q. Where can I buy BrownTrout calendars and other products?

CALENDARS.com - The BEST SELECTION of Calendars in the Known Universe. Get Free Shipping Today!

BrownTrout calendars, books and gifts are available in a variety of online and retail stores, including:

  • Calendars.com
  • Major online retailers
  • Major retailers worldwide
  • Your local independent booksellers
  • Your local independent pet stores
  • And more!

Free Shipping Available at Calendars.com. Shop now!

If you are unable to obtain BrownTrout products from a retailer, please call our sales office at 1-800-777-7812 or send a detailed e-mail message to sales@browntrout.com and we will respond to your request.

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Q. How can I submit my personal pet photos to BrownTrout?

We love pets too, and wish we could publish the many snapshots of adorable pets that are sent to us. However, due to our high-quality photography requirements needed for high-resolution offset printing, we are unable to publish snapshots and pictures from phone camera.

If you are a professional photographer and wish to submit your photography for consideration, please click here to sign-up for our email list. We publish our Call for Submissions in the Spring of each year.

Q. What is an ISBN number and where can I find such a thing?

The ISBN, also known as an EAN-13, stands for International Standard Book Number