Merchandising Fixtures

Built to be durable and versatile, BrownTrout's merchandising display options offer a simple way to showcase a variety of calendar formats in a wide array of settings. From wire pocket folding racks to tiered counter stadium setups, our merchandising displays are designed to optimize visibility while making it easy for your customers to browse and shop. We offer a wide selection of displays to accommodate any retail needs and provide high value for the space that each occupies on the floor or counter.

Pockets designed for Square Wall Calendars can also accommodate Wire-O Square Wall Calendars. Pockets designed for Engagements can also accommodate Desk Planners.

Wire Displays

2022 32-Pocket Rolling Rack

32-Pocket Rolling Rack

EAN: 978-1-4650-0469-7

Material: Wire, Black

Dimensions: 21"w x 21"d x 65"h Without Header Card

Capacity: 232–288 Total Units
160 Square Wall Calendars + 80 Mini Wall Calendars + 48 Pocket Planners OR
160 Square Wall Calendars + 80 Mini Wall Calendars + 16 Desk Planners + 24 Pocket Planners

Formats/Face Outs: 16 Square Wall Calendars + 8 Mini Wall Calendars + 8 Pocket Planners OR
16 Square Wall Calendars + 8 Mini Wall Calendars 4 Desk Planners + 4 Pocket Planners

2022 16-Pocket Rolling Rack

16-Pocket Rolling Rack

EAN: 978-1-4650-1452-8

Material: Wire, Black

Dimensions: 19"w x 19"d x 63"h Without Header Card

Capacity: 128 Total Units

Formats/Face Outs: 16 Square Wall Calendars

2022 30-Pocket A-Frame

30-Pocket A-Frame

EAN: 0-978-1-5058-296

Material: Wire, Black

Dimensions: 25.5"w x 30"d x 56.5"h Without Header Card

Capacity: 240 Total Units

Formats/Face Outs: 30 Square Wall Calendars

2022 14-Pocket Folding Rack

14-Pocket Folding Rack

EAN: 978-1-4216-9260-9

Material: Wire, Silver

Dimensions: 18"w x 23.5"d x 51"h Without Header Card

Capacity: 140 Total Units
100 Square Wall Calendars + 40 Mini Wall Calendars

Formats/Face Outs: 10 Square Wall Calendars + 4 Mini Wall Calendars

Corrugated Displays

2022 7-Pocket Corrugated Display

7-Pocket Corrugated Display

EAN: 978-1-4650-3506-6

Material: Corrugated, Red

Dimensions: 13"w x 19.5"d x 45"h Without Header Card / 13"w x 19.5"d x 52"h With Header Card

Capacity: 56–64 Total Units
56 Square Wall Calendars OR 48 Square Wall Calendars + 8 Mini Wall Calendars + 8 Pocket Planners

Formats/Face Outs: 7 Square Wall Calendars OR 6 Square Wall Calendars + 1 Mini Wall Calendar + 1 Pocket Planner

2022 7-Pocket Planner Display

7-Pocket Planner Display

EAN: 978-1-9754-3456-4

Material: Corrugated, Teal

Dimensions: 22.5"w x 13"d x 55"h

Capacity: 48 Total Units
36 Desk Planners + 12 Desk Pads

Formats/Face Outs: 6 Desk Planners + 1 Desk Pad

2022 Counter Stadium 2-Tier

Counter Stadium 2-Tier

EAN: 978-1-4650-5872-0

Material: Corrugated, Red

Dimensions: 13"w x 9.7"d x 12"h

Capacity: 24 Total Units

Formats/Face Outs: 2 Square Wall Calendars

2022 Desk Pad PDQ 2-Tier

Desk Pad PDQ 2-Tier

EAN: 978-1-4650-3569-1

Material: Corrugated, Black

Dimensions: 18"w x 8.25"d x 17"h

Capacity: 24 Total Units

Formats/Face Outs: 2 Desk Pads

2022 4-Pocket Stadium

4-Pocket Stadium

EAN: 978-1-4650-2220-2

Material: Corrugated, Black

Dimensions: 16"w x 8.25"d x 12"h

Capacity: 32–48 Total Units

Formats/Face Outs: 4 Mini Wall Calendars

2022 4-Pocket Desk Planner Display

4-Pocket Desk Planner Display

EAN: 978-1-9754-3481-6

Material: Corrugated, Red

Dimensions: 14.5"w x 9"d x 10.5"h

Capacity: 16 Total Units

Formats/Face Outs: 4 Desk Planners

2022 9-Pocket Stadium

9-Pocket Stadium

EAN: 978-1-4650-2225-7

Material: Corrugated, Red

Dimensions: 12.5"w x 11.25"d x 12"h

Capacity: 54 Total Units

Formats/Face Outs: 9 Pocket Planners

2022 Triple Stadium Sidekick

Triple Stadium Sidekick

EAN: 978-1-4650-5880-5

Material: Corrugated, Red

Dimensions: 12.25"w x 3.75"d x 38.25"h

Capacity: 36 Total Units

Formats/Face Outs: 3 Square Wall Calendars


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