Who’s buying Putin’s wall calendar?

Check out this interesting article by Michelle Board of PG Buzz. Jack Straw, managing director of BrownTrout Publishers UK, gave his opinion on the topic.
Who’s buying Putin’s wall calendar?

In a very strange bit of #fakenews, British media covered a story about the Russian media (bear with us here…) covering the story of the success in the UK of Vladimir Putin’s 2018 calendar. Only problem seems to be that it hasn’t been a success over here.

Jack Straw, managing director of UK calendar company BrownTrout chuckled at the story and commented: “I have not come across this particular item but I have no doubt that it exists. If it is being bought here, it can only be in an ironic sense in my view.”
BrownTrout has dabbled in political calendars in the past and in fact its 2018 Trumpisms has been a sensational success at retail and online. “We had a lot of reorder activity and total sell outs before the end of November,” says Jack. “Given how late we released this, I am confident that it will be in our ‘top 5’ and those retailers that did take the title will see it among their best sellers. We never doubted that it would work here, given the content, even though we did have one retailer raise the objection that it was too American.”

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