They are responsible for the sprouting up of islands and the very creation of the continents, but they can also cause widespread destruction to human, animal and plant life. Yes, almost nothing in nature is as powerful, awe-inspiring and, if you happen to see one up close, absolutely terrifying as a Volcano . They are also extremely beautiful, with the signature orange-red glow of lava running in rivulets down the hillside. Browntrout presents, from our science and nature titles, our 2014 Volcanoes calendar.

Volcanoes 12" x 12" Square Wall Calendar Volcanoes 12" x 12" Square Wall Calendar

The word ‘volcano’ originates from Vulcan, the Roman god of fire and forges. Since antiquity people have been fascinated with the power of fire to destroy and renew, and their association of those elements with the underworld can most likely be explained by volcanoes and geothermal events. Volcanoes are the results of fissures in the Earth’s crust, the solid outer layer which encloses the mantle of molten rock and metal beneath us. When the shifting pressures of the tectonic plates become unstable, lava and hot gases will escape toward the surface, often violently.

Although the word volcano typically summons up images of a mountain with an exploding top, volcanoes can also take the form of gaps or trenches in the middle of the ocean, which much like hot springs release heated gas and water. Another kind of volcanic eruption can result in a toxic cloud of dust, which is the most long-lived and thus dangerous aspect of volcanism and seismic activity.

Volcanoes capture our imaginations perhaps not only because of the incredible danger they pose to us, but also because they are a gateway to an immense underground world, and a reminder of the capacity of the earth to reshape itself and change. They do make for some incredible scenery (at a safe distance!), so pick up our Volcanoes title today and marvel at our dynamic Earth all year long!

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Volcanoes 12" x 12" Square Wall Calendar Volcanoes 12" x 12" Square Wall Calendar
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