A wondrous ancient land with both staggering natural beauty and a fast-paced urban nightlife, Thailand has something to offer for every traveler. The impressive Buddhist temple spires coexist with towering city skylines, and in both settings the friendly and welcoming people keep visitors coming back year after year.

Thailand 12" x 12" Square Wall Calendar Thailand 12" x 12" Square Wall Calendar

Thailand's history is extremely ancient, and there is evidence that humans inhabited the area as long as 40,000 years ago. In more recent centuries, several kingdoms existed including the Sukothai, Khmer and Malay states. It is these people that give Thailand its legacy of Buddhism, which can be seen in the incredibly intricate temples and monuments to the Enlightened One. Another interesting cultural feature to enjoy is Muay Thai kickboxing, which has now been exported to the rest of the world. Surfers or those looking just to relax can have their choice of several pristine and scenic beaches.

Thailand 12" x 12" Square Wall Calendar Thailand 12" x 12" Square Wall Calendar

Perhaps the best thing about Thailand is the food. Infamous for its spicy dishes like curries and soups, Thai cuisine also makes use of distinctive and savory ingredients like peanut, coconut, Thai basil, anise and cilantro. The great thing about Thai cooking is that styles can vary significantly from region to region. In addition to geographic influence (such as coastal dwellers eating more seafood dishes), the great religious diversity of Thailand also contributes to the fascinating and very tasty array of foods available. So whether you're looking for a crowded market or a deserted beach, the mingling of old and new in Thailand keeps things spicy!

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Thailand 12" X 12" Square Wall Calendar Thailand 12" X 12" Square Wall Calendar
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