California Nature

The calendar's cover image shows the tallest trees in the world, the beautiful coast redwoods. The coastal fog and resulting growth of lichens give the trunks a more grayish color, but they are closely related to the largest tree species by weight, the giant sequoia or Sierra redwood. These are the trees you have most likely driven your car through if you have visited Yosemite. California's White Mountains are home to a third superlative: the oldest living organism in the world is a 5,063 year-old bristlecone pine.

California Nature California Nature

Because of the plate tectonics of the west coast, almost the entire length of the state has mountain ranges, from the rocky coastal cliffs of Monterey and Big Sur to the snowy Sierra Nevada range on the California-Nevada border. This latter range contains Mt. Whitney, which at 14,505 feet is the highest peak in the contiguous 48 states. Just below these mighty peaks there are foothills and oak-dotted grasslands, which provide habitats for a great many animal species', of which coyotes and California condors are just a couple examples.

California Nature California Nature

Although California contains many climates, the southern part of the state is forever associated with its vast deserts, such as the Mojave and Sonoran. These deceptively empty regions also harbor an extensive network of life, from conspicuous plants like the saguaro cactus and Joshua tree to a whole menagerie of reptiles, birds, tarantulas and mammals living just below the surface to avoid the intense sun and extreme temperatures.

California Nature California Nature

This calendar showcases the incredibly diverse natural phenomena that give California's nature enthusiasts so much to be enthusiastic about!

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