2020 Pantone Brochure

Pantone™, the world’s most powerful and influential brand in color, embodies passion, flair, and elegance. BrownTrout is proud to launch these characteristics into the world of compact planners and journals.

Planners come in two sizes and two date ranges—academic and annual—as well as in a special, 12-month version with non-dated pages for users to fill in as they please. The non-dated planner comes in one color only: the thrilling Pantone® Color of the Year. Academic planners are offered in three carefully curated trending colors while annuals come in another ve—and both are also available in the Color of the Year. Journals are lined, in one standard size, and come in three colors in addition to the Color of the Year.

Covers are rugged yet have a pleasing, soft-touch coating, and a pocket in the back is filled with fun, Pantone-inspired color chip stickers to be used inside, or to frame the real world in a vibrant, more color-coordinated way.


2020 Pantone Domestic Brochure - Version 9 PDF (2.14 MB)
2020 Pantone Order Form - Version 4 PDF (3.42 MB)

Updated 02/22/19