Welcome to the BrownTrout Photography Submissions Website!

If you are indeed interested in submitting photography for consideration in our over 1,200 calendars, please download and/or read our submission guidelines and digital requirements by clicking on the links below. (After reading the documents, if you choose to submit photography, all of the terms and conditions of the agreements will apply.)

To download a PDF of our documents, click on the links below. If you use a Windows PC, right-click on the link and select “Save As…” and save the document to your computer. If you use a Mac, hold the “Control” key while you click on the link, and choose where to save the file. If you prefer to just read the requirements on our website, click the appropriate links below.

Thank you for visiting our new BrownTrout Photography Submissions Website.

In the future, you will be able to upload your photography submissions to the BrownTroutCloud, but not until our 2015 Call for Submissions next January. In the meantime, we still receive submissions via CDs and DVDs. See the 2014 Digital Photography Requirements page for details.